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Blackout – EighyFive

EightyFive’s “Blackout” Winter 2023 campaign features all-black outfits against a minimalist backdrop. The series highlights rich textures and intricate details, showcasing sleek trousers and stylish outerwear. The models confident poses and the monochrome palette emphasize the collection’s bold elegance and timeless, adaptable style.

EightyFive’s latest campaign, “Blackout,” unveils the Winter 2023 collection with a striking array of all-black outfits set against a minimalist, refined backdrop.

In this series, my goal was to capture the dramatic contrast and sophistication of the monochrome looks. The simple setting and natural lighting bring out the rich textures and intricate details of each garment, from sleek trousers to stylish outerwear. The model exude confidence and poise, enhancing the modern, edgy vibe of the collection.

Each image highlights the sharp lines and luxurious fabrics, crafting a visual story of bold elegance and subtle opulence. The exclusively black palette accentuates the timeless and adaptable nature of the pieces, showcasing EightyFive’s dedication to creating standout winter fashion.