Mixed Feelings

The short film “Mixed Feelings” aims to make viewers aware of the emotions experienced by individuals confronted with racism and discrimination. The primary goal of the film is to shed light on these significant societal issues.

Wellen – Anjoni

Directed by Finn Baeßler
Produced by Tjark Thedens and Martin Ehmig

Jan Frederic Finzel – Fashionfilm

“May Our Dreams Protect Us From The World Outside Them” is an atmospheric fashion film that wanders between dream and reality. Featuring landscapes of Denmark and the intricate details of designer Jan Frederic Finzel’s dress, the film transports viewers to a magical world of fashion.

Mirage – Fashionfilm

“Mirage” – A fashion film that captures the beauty of nature and utilizes creative spontaneity on set to create authentic and unique moments. The designs of designer Josefine Faller are showcased in the stunning Norwegian landscape.


Written, directed and produced by Merve Dinc
Co-Producer, Co-Author: Timm Prozell – Eyewerk GmbH
Executive Producer: Christoph Basse