Martin Ehmig captures EightyFive's Neutral Tones Collection

Neutral Tones – Eightyfive

As a Hannover-based photographer, I captured EightyFive’s SS24 collection, inspired by minimalist aesthetics and Mediterranean scenery. Featuring 25 pieces with earthy tones and floral prints, the collection blends tailored and casual styles. Natural lighting and subtle backgrounds highlight the elegance and simplicity of each piece, reflecting EightyFive’s essence.

As a photographer based in Hannover, I had the pleasure of capturing the latest fashion campaign for the brand EightyFive. In these photos of the SS24 collection, inspired by minimalist aesthetics and the Mediterranean scenery, the elegance and simplicity of the fashion are highlighted.

The campaign features 25 new pieces, distinguished by their earthy colors. From subtle sand tones to washed brown shades, the palette captures the warmth and tranquility of a Mediterranean summer. These harmonious tones are perfectly showcased through careful composition and natural lighting. The collection expands upon floral prints, infusing each piece with a sense of classic luxury. The photos highlight a mix of tailored shorts, denim shorts, knitwear, and shirts, accentuated by clear lines and subtle backgrounds. The models embody a relaxed yet confident posture, reflecting the essence of the EightyFive brand.

Technically, the photos were gently edited to preserve the natural texture of the clothing. The use of natural light creates soft shadows and an authentic representation. These fashion photographs combine simplicity and elegance, presenting the SS24 collection from EightyFive in all its splendor.