I’m Martin Ehmig, a Hanover-based photographer and videographer focused on fashion and commercial video production.

Latest Work

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  • Neutral Tones – Eightyfive
    Neutral Tones – Eightyfive
  • No Friends In The Industry – EighyFive
    No Friends In The Industry – EighyFive
  • Mixed Feelings
    Mixed Feelings
  • Blackout – EighyFive
    Blackout – EighyFive
  • Wellen – Anjoni / Video
    Wellen – Anjoni / Video
  • Low Lights – Feature
    Low Lights – Feature
  • The Spirit – EightyFive
    The Spirit – EightyFive
  • May Our Dreams Protect Us – Fashionfilm
    May Our Dreams Protect Us – Fashionfilm
  • Mirage – Fashionfilm
    Mirage – Fashionfilm
  • Handwritten – EightyFive
    Handwritten – EightyFive
  • Intercontinental – EightyFive
    Intercontinental – EightyFive
  • A Kid In Between – Haunted
    A Kid In Between – Haunted

Martin Ehmig

Photographer and Videographer

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Hey, I’m Martin Ehmig. Based in Hanover, I specialize as a fashion photographer and in commercial video production. My portfolio extends from serene landscape photography to the dynamic realms of music videos and fashion films. My approach is minimalist yet powerful, blending strong aesthetic expressions with technical precision. Collaborating closely with renowned brands like ‘EightyFive,’ I craft images and videos that balance harmony and striking expression. With a Bachelor of Arts from Hochschule Hannover, I bring both technical knowledge and creative expertise to every project.

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Martin Ehmig Kameramann und Fotograf - Fashion Fotografie und Video Produktion Hannover

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